Domaine des Baumard, La Caleche, Loire, 2022



An estate in the Baumard family since the 17th century, the wines only really came to the fore under the stewardship of Jean Baumard, professor of viticulture and oenology, who from the mid-1950s brought a dynamic and scientific edge to the grape growing and wine production. Jean, after purchasing land in Savennières became the first vigneron of the region to own land on both sides of the Loire River. In the late 1980s, Jean’s son, Florent, took over the 40 hectare property after his studies in Burgundy and set about adding a certain flair to the wines, building upon Jean’s precision. Unoaked Chenin Blanc wines are the focus of the domaine whether they be dry (Savennières), sweet (Coteaux du Layon and Quarts de Chaume) or sparkling. They have incredible ageing potential of several decades.