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La Côte Reopening Guidelines

The following guidelines are compulsory and may change from time to time. Failure to co-operate will potentially leave us no other option but to ask you to vacate the premises in the interests of public health. Please understand that this is for YOUR own safety as much as for our staff and other guests, ensuring that everyone has a safe and pleasant experience with us at La Côte.


All our staff are trained in COVID – 19 health and safety guidelines. During your visit, our team will be wearing face masks and gloves. We’ll be checking in with staff before they work a shift to make sure they feel fit and well enough to come to work.


In keeping with government guidelines, we shall only be taking bookings of tables up to 10 persons. At present we are an adult only dining experience at night. 

  • All bookings can be made via our website. This will allow us to adhere to the contact tracing guidelines.
  • All guests will be required to provide credit card details on booking. 
  • For the moment we will only be taking bookings of up to 10 persons per table.
  • Reservations will have a duration of 105 mins and all guest will have to vacate the restaurant by 11pm.
  • We would kindly request all our guests/party to arrive at the exact time of their booking. This is vital for social distancing for all our guests coming to La Côte. If you are delayed, we would ask you to call to let us know.
  • We understand that sometimes things happen and you can’t make it to your booking, or you are running late. If this is the case, please give us 24 hours notice to cancel your book. In the case of late arrivals, we can only still give the 105 minutes on the table. 
  • In the case of no shows or cancellations within 24 hours, there will be a charging fee of €40 per person.

Arriving at La Côte

  • We would kindly ask our customers to only visit if they are feeling well. 
  • We would ask that all our customers kindly use the hand sanitiser available at the entrance to our building upon arrival.
  • We will have floor markings in front of our host stand to indicate how you can safely social distance yourself from other guests while waiting to be seated. 
  • During this period, we are unable to take your coats and ask that they remain on the back of your seats.
  • Once at your table, guests shall be required to pull out your own chair.
  • We would kindly ask guests to remain at their table throughout their visit. This will help with the social distancing guidelines of our staff and other guests.


Our tables will be 1 meter apart, and for a 105-minute duration, this is in keeping with the WHO guidelines and our Governments guidance. 

  • We shall be using wipe down menus and material napkins that will be washed at the recommended temperature before each use.
  • All your cutlery will be delivered with each course.
  • All our staff will be required to wash or sanitise their hands after visiting each occupied table. 

Ordering your meal

  • During this time, we will be encouraging guests to order their full meal and drinks at the same time. 
  • Our menus will be laminated and sanitised after each use. 
  • Water and wine cannot be poured by staff at the table at present. Guests will be encouraged to do this themselves. This will help maintain social distancing guidelines.
  • Your server will keep as much distance as possible away from guests and their table while still being able to hear and talk to you comfortably.
  • We will present your bill in a sanitised bill holder at your table. 
  • At this time we will continue to encourage all guests to pay by contactless card or phone payments at their table.
  • Credit card terminal will be sanitised before and after use. 

Toilet cleaning and access

  • To allow for as much social distancing as possible, our toilets will be unisex and will only be occupied by one person at a time.  

Table preparation for our next guests  

  • To allow us to sanitise an area previously used by a guest properly, we have spaced each booking 15 minutes apart.
  • Each table & chair will be cleaned using spray sanitiser. It shall be wiped thoroughly with a disposal cleaning roll.
  • Disposal roll will be binned immediately after use.
  • A team member will be required to wash their hands straight away.

PPE & signage in venues

  • We will have some health and hygiene reminder signage throughout La Côte.
  • You can expect sanitiser stations for our guests at all entrances, exits and bathrooms. 
  • Hand-wash, hand sanitiser, gloves, masks, will be available to all staff.


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(Group Booking Menus:  Group booking menu is for groups of 10 or more. If a booking is received for ten guests but under ten guests arrive, the group menu will not be available. The menus that will be available will depend on booking time 5.30 pm-6.30 pm Value Menu & A La Carte, 6.30 pm-9.30 pm A La Carte Menu. A Credit Card may be required to secure the booking). Due to reopening guidelines, we are unable to take group bookings, thank you for your understanding.

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